Mental Health for Leaders

Posted on August 12, 2019

Research into factors affecting mental health and wellbeing have reported that front-line managers play a significant role in promoting mental health and wellbeing at work. While general messaging may be filtered down through emails, intranet and team meetings, cultivating positive mental health starts at the top. 

Despite the importance for business leaders to embody the values reflected in the Mental Health and Wellbeing Charter, many struggle to even open up about the pressures of being said leader. A National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing found that 15% of the Australian working population had reported history of major depressive disorder; a sentiment most commonly echoed amongst senior management.

Positive mental health is paramount for everyone, and senior management play an influential role in setting expectations within the organisation. When considering factors that impact how quickly an employee will return to work, Worksafe found that it was not the injury or illness itself that was most critical, but in fact the actions of management and the relationship the manager had with that employee that had the greatest impact.

The bottom line: leaders set the tone for a healthy workplace environment that lives and breathes the values within the Mental Health & Wellbeing Charter.  When business leaders embody these values it brings emphasis to the message, and encourages employees to emulate their leaders.

Safeguarding the mental health of leaders can be a feat in itself, but it doesn’t have to be.

Health at Work offers Mental Health in the Workplace for Leaders Workshops covering common issues; maintaining a psychologically healthy workplace, managing performance issues of employees, the costs of mental health disorder and more… 

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