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Posted on March 04, 2022

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What is the most important value in a relationship?

Respect, honesty- trust? Forgiveness? Appreciation? Or love?

What about communication?

After all how do we build trust or grow love without communication being the first step- the foundation.

How we communicate matters. Both externally and internally. Across race, culture, age and gender. With and beyond technology. Verbally and non-verbally.

Effective communication in multi-faceted settings such as classrooms, offices and teams is critical.

Communication is essential to the strength of the individual within the aforementioned settings. Our thoughts manifest in our actions. Resilience is underpinned by the way in which we see ourselves and the internal monologue we share when faced with adversity.

This is nothing new.

The English term ' Communication' has evolved from Latin language origins- ' communis and communicare'. Communis (noun) means common, communality or sharing. Communicare (verb) means ' make something common'.

Communication is closely related to the community. Communities are formed with the tie of communication- it provides the foundation. Where there is no communication or miscommunication, there can't be a community.

Appreciate communication - develop relationships - build community. And strengthen the individual.

A simple formula and yet one that is often damaged by time, financial focus, insecurity and ego.

When working with any group communication underpins the engagement. Creating the 'right' environment, intimacy and atmosphere send a message before a word is spoken.

I strongly believe that communication by exchanging stories, allowing for vulnerability and encouraging interaction.

My goal is to provide creative provocations and memorable interaction/s which ensure that an audience is both engaged and appreciated.

' Their ' voice matters- long after I have gone.


Article from: Glenn Manton | Author, Media Personality and Professional Speaker.

Former AFL athlete turned author, Glenn Manton has been travelling the country educating young people with a unique blend of humour, passion and integrity. Glenn's media credits include stints on The Footy Show, Vega 91.5 and various Foxtel Programs. His range of experience coupled with his inspiring thoughts on communication and quality relationships makes him one of our top presenters in mental health.

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