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The facts

Australian owned, Health at Work take pride in our track record of exceptional client service and outcome-driven programs. We genuinely care about helping you and your workforce thrive. We are committed to creating customised programs that meet your business needs.

20+ years
of industry experience

Founded in 1999, we have a wealth of experience building thriving, energetic workplaces. We're constantly on the cutting edge, incorporating the latest Australian research and best practices to ensure maximum success. Our contemporary approach ensures our programs and materials stay relevant.


We’ve partnered with 2,700+ workplaces across all industries, demographics and logistics. Our bespoke and collaborative approach has been a key success factor in our longstanding relationship with our clients. We have built a reputation for understanding the specific needs of our clients and the health issues facing their workforce.

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Our evidence-based approach and expertise has helped create a culture of wellbeing backed by real results.

National and Asia-Pacific provider

Health at Work provides services across all Australian capital cities, regional and remote areas, New Zealand capital cities and throughout Asia.

How we do it

Discover how we foster healthy, safe, and productive workplace cultures through positive and sustainable changes. Our partnership approach sits at the heart of our longstanding client relationships.


Our bespoke approach means we take the time to understand your culture and what approaches have historically worked best for your business.

Once we have learnt your organisational and overarching health and wellbeing goals, we will provide you with recommendations.


We create contemporary and relevant programs with your specific goals and demographics for maximum engagement.

We will recommend initiatives and programs that offer your workforce and organisation the greatest value and impact, having considered your budget, resources and the level of involvement you want to have.


Our experienced staff and practitioners provide a client-focused service, using modern systems and a blended delivery model to ensure accessibility to all employees.

We are flexible and supportive throughout the implementation of your health and wellbeing services and programs. This ensures we achieve high employee engagement and positive return on investment for your organisation.


We establish benchmarks and KPIs to measure program success and gather feedback from staff engagement. Our Wellness at Work reporting platform is a highly specialised, secure database which houses all data.

This creates a permanent and evolving record of employees’ results, offering an opportunity for monitoring changes overtime. This enables us to report and provide actionable insights for future improvements and program customisation.


We continuously assess the success of each service to ensure your program remains relevant, appealing, and effective for all employees and it continues to deliver your wellbeing goals.

Your Account Management team are equipped to provide personalised guidance and ongoing support.

What our clients have to say

Discover why our clients are our passionate partners. Explore their unique workplace wellbeing journeys.

Health Solutions Programs

“The Health at Work team are great to work with – not only do they deliver a range of beneficial staff health and wellbeing services, but they are incredibly professional and easy to work with. Couldn’t recommend the company enough.”

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Heidi Mangan, Senior Org. Development Specialist

Annual Program

“Health at Work continue to provide quality practitioners and work closely with us to get the best results. The programme is firmly lodged as a slice of TCVs ‘positive culture’ strategy, and our employees value the programme and are better for it. I highly recommend the programme to others.”


General Manager, Human Resources

Mental Health Training

“Hands down the best workshop I have attended in a very long time. The facilitator did an amazing job at keeping us all engaged, making it a really dynamic few hours. She made each of the breakout rooms feel incredibly safe which made for even better discussion in the breakout rooms.”

Global Food Manufacturer

Mental Health Workshop Attendee

Health Solution Programs

"I am very happy we made the switch to use Health at Work and look forward to working with them again next year."

HQ Plantations

Nicola Morrison, People and Wellbeing Specialist

10,000 Steps Competition

"The Health at Work team are extremely helpful and are always on hand to assist and respond to queries and requests and continue to support us with strategies to improve employee engagement."

National Healthcare Provider

Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

Wellbeing Platforms

"I was SOLD within minutes. I took 1046 words of notes. I felt that I was given the key. A light shone on the next step I need to take as a human. I am left somewhat emotional. What a surprising experience.”

Multinational Law Firm

HUB Live Webinar Attendee

Our clients

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