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Explore transformative programs for teams and individuals, crafted to enhance physical wellbeing, cultivate mental resilience, promote active lifestyles, and foster meaningful connections. Through engaging challenges, we guide employees toward positive change, unlocking a healthier work life.

Our Challenges

Champion growth and celebrate collective success in our engaging challenges that blend personal missions with teamwork, track progress and offers exciting prizes.

Healthy Heart

Reducing risk of cardiovascular disease and longevity.

  • Nutrition - Eat for a healthy beat
  • Exercise - Keep it pumping
  • Stress and Sleep - Ease the pressure
  • Know your numbers - Love your ticker

Lifestyle Challenger

Build healthier habits, improve fitness, and communication.

  • Declutter and Get Clear
  • Healthy eating and Get Nourished
  • Exercise and Get Moving
  • Communicate and Get Connected

Resilient & Revitalised

Building resilience and getting a goodnights sleep.

  • Turn Tense into Strength
  • Disconnect to Connect
  • Ignite Your Energy
  • Rest & Revitalise

Becoming Mind Fit

Healthy habits for productivity at work and in life.

  • Values and Goal Setting
  • Gratitude
  • Reframing and Perspective Taking
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
Blue circles

10,000 Steps Challenge

Embrace the power of movement, camaraderie, and wellness in your organisation with our 6-week exercise challenge that "travels beyond office walls, to around the world".


Experience the full benefits with our Online Resource Portal, which includes:

  • Weekly results and leader board to track progress
  • A dynamic interactive map
  • Engaging weekly health tips, recipes, videos and playlists
  • Weekly motivational text messaging
  • Marketing and communications kit
  • Reporting

At the exciting conclusion, we celebrate and reward participants' achievements with:

  • Prizes for the winning teams
  • The Spirit Award, recognising outstanding commitment and spirit among individual members
  • A random prize draw, including all teams who achieve their step targets

Four unique experiences

Embark on an extraordinary journey with your team and explore four captivating virtual walking trails:

  • Carnivale: The rhythms and colours of South America
  • The Italian Coastline: The allure of Italy
  • The Spice Trail: The aromas and flavours of Asia
  • The Great Aussie Adventure: Landscapes of Australia
A workplace laptop showing the Health at Work program
A workplace laptop showing the Health at Work program
A workplace laptop showing the Health at Work program
A workplace laptop showing the Health at Work program

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Looking to promote a culture of health and wellbeing within your organisation? Our Challenges are tailored to support employees in making sustainable health and lifestyle changes while establishing new healthy habits.

What our clients and their employees say

Discover how our previous clients achieved and benefitted from our challenges.

"I loved the fact that the challenge kept me accountable, and it really motivated me to get to my goal - I tried to do the 10K steps as a minimum however I did also incorporate weight training as an add on."



Our organisation first partnered with Health at Work 4 years starting with the “10,000 steps Challenge”. We have now held another two 10,000 steps challenges since and one “Resilient and Revitalised Team Challenge”. We are a very large and diverse workforce and always looking to offer a variety of health and wellbeing initiatives, programs and supports.

Large Victoria Healthcare Provider

Health & Wellbeing Coordinator

“I loved doing this challenge! It made me walk after work even on a day I wouldn’t typically leave the house and overall was very beneficial and had a positive impact on both my physical and mental wellbeing.”

Country Road Group


“I loved the fact that the challenge kept me accountable and it really motivated me to get to my goal.”



"The 10,000-step challenge goes beyond merely achieving a numerical goal. It involves fostering a sense of togetherness, teamwork, and mutual support. This endeavour serves as a source of inspiration for us to maintain an active lifestyle and prioritize our health. It motivates each member to strive for their daily 10,000 steps, resulting not only in enhanced physical well-being but also in the strengthening of our team’s connections."

Power and Water NT

Elizabeth Bieracki

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