Mental Health Training

Introducing Health at Work’s Mental Health Training. The content and resources have been developed in accordance with the Government’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Charter. It includes practical tools and resources with the latest psychosocial risk obligations your leaders and employees need to understand and promote.

For Leaders and Employees

Health at Work's Mental Health awareness and leadership programs provide vital information, skill development and understanding for employees in all Australian workplaces

Leading Mental Health for Leaders

Leading Mental Health is our signature program designed for emerging, frontline and senior people leaders.

Using the Understand, Promote, Protect and Act framework, leaders are guided through a 4-hour workshop that equips them with the essential skills they need to lead mentally healthy workplaces.  

The combination of contemporary theory, shared lived experience and practical activities has proven to be an engaging and rewarding experience for participants. Talk to us about how we can help you to develop Mental Health Certified Leaders across your organisation.

Leading Mental Health Fundamentals for Employees

With a strong focus on understanding and developing one’s own Mental Health and supporting colleagues’ mental health, the program uses the Understand, Prioritise, Protect and Act framework to engage and inspire your employees.

Delivered in an interactive 2-hour workshop your employees will gain new knowledge, increase their self-awareness and take away proven ideas to develop their overall wellbeing.

All participants will be able to add their Mental Health Awareness badge to their email signatures showing their commitment to mental health at work.

Leading Mental Health Refresher

The Leading Mental Health Refresher is a 2.5-hour workshop designed for emerging, frontline and senior people leaders who have been certified as Mental Health Leaders in the past 2 years.

The program follows the same Understand, Promote, Protect and Act Framework to renew and further develop their learning by taking a key activity from each part and delivering it as a team activity back at work.

This generative approach to mental health leadership skill and behaviour development will result in new generation of leaders who are capable and ready to lead mentally healthy teams.

Customising Leading Mental Health for your organisation

We are proud of our Mental Health programs and the positive impact they have on workplaces all over Australia. Our clients tell us that creating a customised and consistent approach to suit their organisations leaders, system and culture creates a step change in how the organisation manages mental health!

‍Invest in 3 or more sessions, our Head of Learning will complete a learning consultation with you to decide on:
1. Program promotion and leadership support.
2. Program customisation.
3. How to create the best learning experience for your leaders and workforce.

After the consultation they will match you with the most appropriate facilitator(s) from our fantastic team and brief the project delivery team on your organisation’s specific learning needs.

Learn more about mental health training

Are you passionate about fostering a mentally healthy work environment and empowering your employees? Let our experienced team guide you through our transformative Mental Health program. Reach out to us today with your questions and aspirations

What our clients and their employees say

Discover how our Mental Health program has made a significant difference in the lives of employees.

“We have been working with Health at Work for the past three years to provide the Leading Mental Health Program. The program has been delivered across the business including managers, supervisors and employees. The positive feedback received from the participants this program has provided an opportunity to develop their skills to support their own health, their work colleagues, family and friends.”

Power and Water NT

Kathy Hake, HSE Health and Wellbeing Officer

"The managers session was great. The feedback was positive. ...we will work with Kristen (H@W Org Psych) a lot more in the future. I am planning to deliver targeted training sessions and Kristen might be the right person for us. She was great!”

Vic Gov Dept

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